Clerkship vs Internship vs Residency

Becoming a doctor involves a number of diverse experiences and milestones. Three of these are your clinical clerkship, internship, and…

How Long is a Clinical Clerkship?

During their final years of medical school, students will go through clinical rotations, also called clinical clerkships. During this time,…

8 Questions to Ask Residency Programs

In your final year of medical school, you’re going to start applying for residencies. This is the post-graduate training you…

How Many Shadowing Hours Do You Need for Medical School?

On your journey toward becoming a doctor, you’re going to participate in something called pre-health shadowing (also called pre-med shadowing)….

What’s the Meaning of Hands-On Experience?

Your journey toward becoming a doctor starts in the classroom. You first learn from textbooks and professors. But what happens…

IMGs Meaning: What’s the Experience of Being an IMG?

In some ways, the medical community has struggled to thrive. We have a shortage of doctors. The physician workforce is…

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