How Medical Residency Match Works

March brings a huge milestone for medical students. On the third Friday of the month, they’ll experience Residency Match Day….

Clerkship vs Internship vs Residency

Becoming a doctor involves a number of diverse experiences and milestones. Three of these are your clinical clerkship, internship, and…

8 Questions to Ask Residency Programs

In your final year of medical school, you’re going to start applying for residencies. This is the post-graduate training you…

How to Write a Resume for a U.S. Clinical Clerkship

Resumes are an essential and necessary step in for applying for all jobs. By creating a quick and easily digested…

Sample Letter Of Recommendation For Residency Programs

Part of securing your residency is going to be submitting a letter of recommendation. In fact, along with your grades…

The 5 Things No One Tells You About Residency

Transitioning from medical school to residency is an exciting but also overwhelming time. It’s the period when you’re officially starting…

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