How IMGs are Shaping Medicine in the US

The medical industry has been facing an alarming problem. The current physician workforce is aging. The Association of American Medical…

How Many Shadowing Hours Do You Need for Medical School?

On your journey toward becoming a doctor, you’re going to participate in something called pre-health shadowing (also called pre-med shadowing)….

What’s the Meaning of Hands-On Experience?

Your journey toward becoming a doctor starts in the classroom. You first learn from textbooks and professors. But what happens…

IMGs Meaning: What’s the Experience of Being an IMG?

In some ways, the medical community has struggled to thrive. We have a shortage of doctors. The physician workforce is…

How Much Does Residency Cost?

You probably already know that becoming a medical professional is a huge commitment. It’s a commitment of time, energy, and…

Fellowship Application: 5 Tips for Applying with Success

Fellowship training is one step in the process of becoming a specialist physician. This is when you spend additional years…

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