Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in Medical Students

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) affects about 10 million Americans. For medical students and residents already overworked and under-rested, the experience…

Gap Year for Medical Students: Should You Take One?

What is a gap year? The Gap Year Association explains it as a semester or year of “experiential learning” to…

4 Tips for Writing Your Personal Statement for Residency

Sitting down to write your personal statement for residency can feel overwhelming. It’s just you and the blank page, and…

5 Challenges that IMGs Face

International medical graduates (IMGs) are vital to the medical field and serve an important role. The journey doesn’t come without…

How IMGs are Shaping Medicine in the US

The medical industry has been facing an alarming problem. The current physician workforce is aging. The Association of American Medical…

How Medical Residency Match Works

March brings a huge milestone for medical students. On the third Friday of the month, they’ll experience Residency Match Day….

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