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Do your programs qualify as hands-on US clinical experience?

Yes, our preceptors are committed to providing a valuable patient care experience that adequately prepares candidates to provide care in the unique US Healthcare system. Preceptors gauge a candidate’s clinical ability and cultural competence and adjust a candidate’s level of responsibility during the rotation as necessary. Preceptors also ensure that candidate’s get experience with patient documentation and familiarity with working with different Electronic Medical Record systems.

How do I select a program?

After application review, the applicant is provided with our available program options. Program options within our clinical site network will be provided within the locations offered. Once the applicant selects an acceptable program, we request a deposit (if still eligible), to obtain clinical site information and affiliation. Once the tuition balance and required documentation have been submitted within program deadlines, the program is then confirmed. Preceptor information, including preliminary scheduling information, is then provided to the student.

Can I place a deposit or downpayment to reserve a program?

Yes, for qualifying programs. Programs are eligible for a deposit or downpayment option only if the start date is greater than 6 weeks for Standard or 8 weeks for Premium programs in the future. The deposit would allow us to confirm your program registration and provide you with affiliated hospital details. Please note: student enrollment confirmation letters can only be issued officially upon full enrollment.

What is the application process?

Our application policy and procedures can be found on our application page. Please note, partial applications are acceptable, however, we ask that you fill out the application with as much accurate information as possible. Once your application is received, a coordinator will review it with the physician advisor team and contact you with next steps.

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