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Hi CHHA, this is Faiza your former student. Hope you’re doing well! Just wanted to share the news that I matched for residency this year! Thank you for all your help and support throughout the process, I really appreciate it!!”

– Faiza

Dr. C., ENT rotation. He is one of the top ENT surgeons in Houston. He is a knowledgeable man and an excellent professor, meaning that, he taught me the most important procedures, examination of the patient, etc. I saw over 20 patients per day and I can tell you that I was exposed to a lot of diseases that other students in my country are not. I saw acromegaly, parotid cancer, Tertiary syphilis symptoms, cholesteatoma, Menieres Disease, SNHL, etc.

Dr. R., Ortophaedics-Trauma. He is an excellent teacher, very challenging in a good way. I did over 5 presentations and completely learned all the anatomy necessary for this rotation. I went to a lot of surgeries, herniated disc surgery (Diskectomy). He gave me a MRI interpretation class.

Dr. P., ophthalmology. The basis of his teaching is the respect. He always told me that I am a medical student, not an employer, and I was there to learn. So I did it, I learn and I appreciate his patience and dedication. He provide me with all the books for my learning. Also I went to the hospital and observed over 7 surgeries.

Dr. S., OBGYN. She is a great professor, an excellent doctor and I can tell that all I know about obstetrics is because of her dedication and teaching. I spent many many hours in Memorial Hermann Hospital ( histerectomy, vaginal deliveries, c-sections, etc) and I saw over 20 patient per day. That’s how we learn.

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